Color Chart
Color Matching

Remove the guesswork, order these handy *color samples (see below) to apply directly
to your wheel to see exactly what any given color will look like on you ride.


Easy Color Matching

 A perfect color match is virtually impossible!

That being said, it is possible to get very close. The vinyl in any color will never be an exact  match for any paint color, it’s just different  material. Additionally, every computer screen will have its own characteristics and the potential to distort the color.

But perhaps you do not want to try and ‘Match’ your paint, you may instead choose to go with a different color, a complimentary color or may be something altogether different, it’s your choice. At any rate, we have a solution. See samples below the color chart. 

* Note: no returns on color samples
** There is a 50% restocking fee

Please fill out the form first and click the ‘Submit’ button.
Then click the image below that corresponds to the number of samples you would like to order.

This will take you directly to the order page.

Sample Order Form
5 or 10 *


Five colors of your choice for $11 with Free Shipping.
These colors are just examples, you may order any colors you like.
Whether matching or experimenting you can choose the colors from the color chart above.
Click the image below to order 5 colors of your choice.

Ten colors of your choice for $15 with Free Shipping.
These colors are just examples, you may order any colors you like.
You may want to try to match your paint or maybe get bold and try something altogether different.
Click the image below to order the 10 colors of your choice.

There is a 50% restocking fee.

Since there is a 50% restocking fee on all returned orders of our products (samples are not refundable),
we strongly suggest using this service to insure that you are happy with your Ridecals.

Any 5  (or 10) colors will come as individual pieces, the size will be approximately (1.5”x 3”) in the actual wrap material.
To determine the best match for your paint, hold them up to your paint color and most importantly, the wheel.
Since they won’t be a perfect match, base your decision on how it looks on the wheel in the sun as well as the shade and far a little distance.

See below for an idea of what you will receive when you order sample colors.


~  We thank you for your interest in our products and we hope to see you again.  ~

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