20% Off

So Many Wheels

     As hard as we try we will never be able to produce a kit of ‘Rim Stickers’ for every wheel out there.

     At present we have over 750 part numbers and counting, but for some of you that still isn’t enough. We still don’t have your wheel on the site yet. So we want to provide a solution to this dilemma.

The Solution

     We are happy to offer you a 20% discount on ANY (any OE wheel 2015 or newer) set of Ridecals ‘Rim Stickers’ that we do not have a part number for. In other words, we will find a wheel like yours and make it for you. You can find information on how to take advantage of this ‘Special Offer’ by clicking here.

 (note: This discount only applies to part numbers NOT already
listed on our parts list. Also, this may take up to 4 weeks)

Special Request?

Have a SPECIAL request?
Give us a shout and we will
do our best to make it

Something NEW!

We’re making new stuff all the time
so check back to see what’s NEW!
Or give us a call @ (844) 700-3400